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This is my world...

丸ちゃん と相葉ちゃんが大好き!!!!!

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Yukari Sato
15 January
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Hi, my name is Yukari and I'm from Vietnam. You can call me Yu if you want :D I'm an Arashian and an Eighter. My ichiban are Aiba and Maru ^^ I like subbing and translating Arashi and Eito-related stuffs so you can find my subbing as well as translating projects under the "*masterpost" tag. For the time being, I don't lock my subbing posts as long as you guys follow all my rules. Don't stream my clips. Don't re-post and re-encode them. Don't share the MF links outside my LJ. If you want to share, please link back to my post. Yoroshiku~



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